Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Comments on Homologous Legs

UPDATE: The dialogue on this blog has given me an idea that I probably won't be able to cash in on until several years from now. Hopefully it will encourage people to raise the level of discourse on any subject really.

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"If i was going to say that, I would have. I did not..."

You did claim that Behe has done nothing beyond proofs by assertion, so I would think that

would apply to what he's written so far.

"I'm claiming Micheal Behe repeatedly restates that irreducible complexity is true when each

of his arguments he uses to support that claim has been contradicted, repeatedly."

Now we're beginning to scratch the surface here. Can you elaborate on what these repeated

contradictions are? Miller? Matzke? Anything along those lines?


"If I asserted "the sky is blue", and then wondered off into the distance, would you shout after

me "that was a Bare Assertion Fallacy you fool!"."

No, I consider that to be almost axiomatic, but if I someone argued that ID was either just as

self-evident or just as verifiably wrong, I would ask for a little more than just a bare assertion.

"I may make a 'Bare Assertion', but that does not mean it is unsupported, only that I have

not provided said 'support'."

Then why not provide the said support?

And we find no disagreement here on the bible.

"So, having addressed your implied claim that my assertion was 'unsupported',"

You admitted that you didn't provide said support so how did you address it?

"Arguing on the internet ROCKS! Love you!"

I wouldn't even consider this anywhere near an argument, I think you've been pretty civil so



"These posts are not written with the intention of being anywhere near argumentatively

airtight or particularly persuasive to those who are ID proponents."

This makes more sense in that case then. I thus won't hold you to a standard that nobody

 should intend to strive for since every disagreement is not settled by making the the other

 side change their mind.


"Assertion is fine if everyone already can see your point and follow your logic implicitly."

I guess that's a good description of your approach then.
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