Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fourth Comment on ENV - "A One Hundred Year Old Challenge" (reply to Egnor)

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Good to see you're back!

You're comment reminds me of an article you did for Salvo, "What Happens When You Write
Positive Blog Posts About ID?" I'm sure it must feel like target practice for the mods right now.

I have a question though about how you define "dualism." You said before that dualism predicts
that "If the brain is damaged, then mental function will not necessarily be damaged,"
as well as, "We will not always be able to correlate brain activity with mental activity -- no matter
how we choose to look at it."

Am I no longer a dualist if I allow the possibility that the mind uses the brain to manifest itself?
For example, if I damage the brain the mind itself is intact but cannot express itself through the
brain as well - and insisting we can only detect mental activity through brain activity?

Is this consistent with dualism when you view the brain as a vehicle but the mind is the
driver - damage the car, inhibit the driver? Or must I call myself a property dualist to make that

I ask this because it seems like you've phrased dualism to mean it won't matter at all if there's
brain damage; the mind will still be able to perform physical tasks regardless of brain damage.
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