Monday, December 26, 2011

ENV - "How Bright is the Future of Intelligent Design?"

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Well, once my contribution(s) to the movement get underway I hope both the awareness and acceptance of ID becomes more widespread in my area. To think that today is the fourth anniversary of me becoming permanently interested in this debate; boy has time flown.

And Dover? Hard to say whether that harmed the "IDM" Jones decided to rule against or if it actually made people more aware of ID in the years that followed. The Scopes trial didn't stop undirected evolution from gaining a following, so perhaps Dover really should be taken lightly as well.

While it may not have garnered much attention until long after Fred Hoyle began to formulate the roots of ID as we know it today, I think it's far from dead.

If anything it's just getting started...

By the way, this might come in handy for anyone who wants an education in a field relevant to ID but does not wish to go about getting a full degree:

Wish this option was around <i>before</i> I started college. Of course, MIT's new certification won't make you a tenured professor somewhere in the foreseeable future. But for any origins junkie on either side this could turn out to be useful.
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